Viola Claire is almost one.  She is truly a sweet soul with so much wonder in her eyes.  She loves her big sister and is already following her around everywhere.  Sophia thinks it is pretty cool to have a little side kick and keeps asking when she will be able to walk.

Sophia started swim lessons and is doing great!  She loves the water and thinks her swim teacher, Scotty is pretty cool.  She is learning to float and put her face in the water.

11 months old

– cruising the furniture, walls, and anything else she can pull up on

– says “uh oh”, “ea” for Sophia

– still loves to hear Sophia sing the ABC song, it keeps her from crying in the car.

– loves finger foods, especially meat

– uses her push toy to get around the house

– enjoys peekaboo

– wants to read Baby Talk over and over

– 3 teeth

– first beach trip

– first baseball game

– father’s day