This little girl is as sweet as pie.  She is smiling and even starting to giggle and she is only two months old.  So much personality already showing through.  She is a breastfeeding champ and as chunky as can be!  She is quite vocal and quite loud.  I think she may have a great future in public speaking or maybe she will be a vocalist.

So thankful that Meg was able to come and spend time with me during newborn baby time again!  Family and friends have really made the transition to two so much easier.  They were able to give Sophia some extra attention and also help me stay caught up on taking showers! It was much appreciated.

Two Months Old

– 11lbs 13oz

-giggles and smiles in her sleep

– enjoys baths and diaper changes

– dislikes loud noises

– gives a big smile to Sophia when she sings Itsy Bitsy Spider


– cooing

– BFF – Meg Harrison