Time Slow Down

Viola Claire is almost one.  She is truly a sweet soul with so much wonder in her eyes.  She loves her big sister and is already following her around everywhere.  Sophia thinks it is pretty cool to have a little side kick and keeps asking when she will be able to walk.

Sophia started swim lessons and is doing great!  She loves the water and thinks her swim teacher, Scotty is pretty cool.  She is learning to float and put her face in the water.

11 months old

– cruising the furniture, walls, and anything else she can pull up on

– says “uh oh”, “ea” for Sophia

– still loves to hear Sophia sing the ABC song, it keeps her from crying in the car.

– loves finger foods, especially meat

– uses her push toy to get around the house

– enjoys peekaboo

– wants to read Baby Talk over and over

– 3 teeth

– first beach trip

– first baseball game

– father’s day

10 Months Old!

Wow, in two months Viola will be one year old!  She is starting to babble all the time.  I can only imagine what she is trying to say.  I look forward to hearing the conversations that will happen between Sophia and Viola.

10 Months Old

– pulling up

– cruising around furniture

– using a push stroller

– plays peek-a-boo

– feeding herself

– favorite food: sausage

– 2 teeth

– babbling

– favorite book: Baby Talk

– favorite song: ABC’s or anything Sophia sings

Movin’ and a Groovin’

Viola is now crawling.  She is EVERYWHERE. Nine months has gone by in a flash.  She is growing like a weed and learning something every day.  Sophia and Viola are starting to play together and it is the sweetest thing I have ever witnessed.  Sophia’s favorite thing to do with Viola is showing her books.  She also loves to entertain her by jumping up and down, playing peek a boo, and running fast.  Viola is smitten with her big sister and provides lots of laughs to encourage Sophia’s silliness.


9 Months Old

– Crawling

– Waving Bye Bye

– Saying Bye Bye, Mama, Dada

– clapping

– loves to explore

– two teeth

– First Easter

– Favorite Food: Salmon, Broccoli, and Raspberries

Favorite Song: A,B,Cs sung by Sophia

Favorite Book: Itsy Bitsy Spider

Smiley Happy Baby

Viola is maybe one of the happiest babies I have ever seen!  She is always smiling and giggling.  She loves, Loves, LOVES her big sister and keeps her eyes on her all the time.  These months sure are flying by.  Before I know it she will be one.

8 Months Old

– Scooting on her booty

– loves to talk (mama, dada, wawa)

– Enjoys being outdoors

– Gives kisses

– likes standing while holding hands

– starting to enjoy food! (broccoli, sweet potato, and lentils)

– One Tooth!

– Favorite Song: The Hello Song

Vi is 7 Months

Viola is now 7 months old!  Yep you read that right.  I feel like she was born two days ago.  The time has passed so quickly.  She is such a happy baby.  She is beginning to show signs of separation anxiety, so if she doesn’t know you she may cry, but after getting to know you she will give you all the smiles.
Sophia is now two and a half! She loves story time, drawing and painting, and being outside. She is getting so big and losing that baby/toddler look (cue all the tears). She is growing up.

7 Months Old

– Happy go lucky

– Sitting up

– Saying Mama and Dada

– No teeth!

– loves standing

– favorite song: The Hello Song

– Favorite food: Carrots

1/2 Birthday

How can it be that Viola’s half birthday has come and gone? She is the sweetest baby.  Every time we turn around she is learning something new.  Sophia and Viola are becoming best friends.  It is so special to watch.

6 months old

– sitting up

– saying mama, dada, baba

– taking baths with Sophia

– loves to swing

-enjoys jumping in the jumperoo

– first food: egg yolk

– Smiles and giggles all the time

Happy Holidays

Viola made it through her first big car trip!  She did really well.  Having Sophia in the back to make her laugh and provide entertainment was a huge plus.  We had a great time at Granny and Papa’s house for Christmas.  I’m sure you could tell by my bombardment of photos on instagram 🙂

5 Months Old

-Such a smiley baby

-Rolling back to front (working hard to do the opposite)

-Laughing at big sister

-Doing mini push ups and kicking her legs

-blowing raspberries

-mouthing EVERYTHING (teeth coming soon?)

-Loves the Ring Sling

-First Christmas

-First New Year

I can do that!

Viola is now 4 months old!!!  Woohoo!  She is growing like a weed and such a happy baby.  Sophia is really getting into being able to make her laugh and smile.  Sophia has also become a daddy’s girl, which is the sweetest thing ever.  Last, I am getting more comfortable taking two kids places and being out numbered when in public, scary stuff!

4 Months Old

– First Thanksgiving

-Big Smiles

-giggles all the time

-lost most of her hair!

-drooling and sucking on her fingers

-admiring her hands

-rolling back to front

-making 360 turns when on her belly

As Sweet As Can Be

Viola is now three months old!  She is smiling and giggling and really becoming her own little person.  Carlo and I are adjusting to life with two and it’s starting to feel normal.  Sophia is also doing great as a big sister.  She loves to read stories to her.

3 Months Old

– smiling


– giggling

– holding her head up

– loves when her sister sings

– enjoys bath time

– wakes two times a night

– first halloween

Time Slow Down

This little girl is as sweet as pie.  She is smiling and even starting to giggle and she is only two months old.  So much personality already showing through.  She is a breastfeeding champ and as chunky as can be!  She is quite vocal and quite loud.  I think she may have a great future in public speaking or maybe she will be a vocalist.

So thankful that Meg was able to come and spend time with me during newborn baby time again!  Family and friends have really made the transition to two so much easier.  They were able to give Sophia some extra attention and also help me stay caught up on taking showers! It was much appreciated.

Two Months Old

– 11lbs 13oz

-giggles and smiles in her sleep

– enjoys baths and diaper changes

– dislikes loud noises

– gives a big smile to Sophia when she sings Itsy Bitsy Spider


– cooing

– BFF – Meg Harrison